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About Good Radish Flowers

Good Radish Flowers is a seasonal and sustainable floral design studio located in Brooklyn run by Jessica Balnaves.

I began my career in flowers as an urban farmer in North Brooklyn growing and selling cut flowers on a very small scale. Fast forward 8 years and my life revolves around designing with seasonal florals and edibles available from farmer friends in the Northeast, interesting finds at the farmer’s markets, garden cuttings from my own native perennial planted backyard and foraged flora. The focus is directed towards what is special and unique in that moment bringing only the best of the best to each client.

My floral art is based on the energy that local flowers embody. From seed to field to farmers’ hands to mine and eventually to yours – the love, admiration and dedication to showcasing the best of the season inspires my floral choices and design. I can’t wait to create beauty and good energy for you. Please reach out and let’s start a conversation!